The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia is committing to enhance the capacity building for the initiative in cooperation with partners, related agencies and key stakeholders. Pursuant of a vision to produce best quality human resources for developing a competitive and sustainable marine and fisheries sector to achieve people’s welfare, the agency, amongst others, is on a mission to produce the best quality human resources who can increase the carrying capacity and the quality of environment in the field of marine affairs and fisheries.

To achieve that, a strategy document for capacity building on MPA management and marine resources conservation was established based on a series of meetings and consultations with related agencies and parties led by Badan Pengembangan Sumberdaya Manusia Kelautan dan Perikanan – BPSDMKP (Agency of Human Resource Development in Marine affairs and Fisheries) and supported by the Directorate General of Marine, Coast and Small Islands-KP3K, USAID CTSP/MPAG, NOAA, TNC, WWF, CI, WCS and the Coral Triangle Center.